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Why choose us?

Pine River Fine Homes is a family-owned and operated business. Our close-knit team members have a wide degree of specialties, allowing us to assist you in every part of the home-building process with confidence. Unlike other builders who may take over a year, once we get through permits and begin to break ground it only takes us 4-6 months to complete your home.

Where will we build?

Pine River Fine Homes will build anywhere in Bastrop County, and select locations outside of Bastrop County. Please feel free to call or text if you are interested in building in a nearby area of Bastrop.

What's the average time it takes your team to build a house?

The design & planning process timeline can look different for everyone. However, once we start the construction, the house will be finished in 4 to 6 months. Things that may affect this include but are not limited to, bad weather, financing, and supply availability.

Do we offer fixed-price or cost-plus contracts?

We are flexible in our contract types to best help you and your needs. In most situations mortgage lenders like fixed-price contracts more than cost-plus because builders are known for underbidding and ending up way over budget, especially when the client realizes what wasn't included in the original bid and sees it sold as an add-on. Pine River Fine Homes mitigates this and establishes trust by having an open-bid policy.  This means that we are willing to show our customers the original bin from our tradesmen partners. 

How will we communicate building the building process?

In short, by any means necessary or convenient for you. When you sign a contract with us we will provide different communication styles.

What do we offer that other builders don't?

In our homes, we spray foam insulation throughout all exterior walls and the roof so that the house is all one air-conditioned space. Doing so, the house becomes incredibly energy efficient and will save the homeowner money on their electricity bill.

What If I need to make changes to the design, what does that process look like?

If it is after the planning & designing process, we will fill out a change order form. We will present this change order to be signed or made available to you through our client portal for approval.

What type of warranty do we offer?

We include a one-year warranty. This means that we will take care of any issues you may experience that are not considered normal wear and tear. 

Will you build on my land?

If you have land that you want to use to build a house, we can do that for you! Alternatively, we have land lots available to us that you can choose from, or we can help you find the perfect spot to buy and build on.

How often will my project be under direct supervision?

The Project Manager can be found on-site daily, making sure that construction is going according to the blueprints.

How often will I have access to the home during the building process?

We want you to be an active part of the process! For safety & liability concerns we ask that you let us know when you would like to be on site.

How do you plan to stay on budget?

We have good connections with our vendors to help get you the best price and update your project log whenever we purchase an item to stay strict with the budget.

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